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Table component type - field dependency

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Table component type - field dependency



I am trying to create a dependency between two components of a "Table component" field. For better understanding, there is field A (in which the user is able to select one or more persons) and field B (in which I would like to return only the skills of the selected person). Both fields are  using "Auto complete list" validations. I don't think a rule can be created as the components of the "Table component" field are not treated as the rest of the fields.


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Re: Table component type - field dependency



The Table Component can be used in the rules as below:

Suppose the Table Component field token in Request Type is "REQUEST_FIELD"


and token of TC field "Name" is = USER_NAME


Then you can refer Name field using ...



Now to use token in Table component rule it can be users as:



More details you can find in "Command, Token, Validation" guide, provide by HP.


Mohit Agrawal


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event