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Table component cache clear error message

Vinod Jadhav
Regular Collector

Table component cache clear error message


I am trying to clear the table component cache through a execution step of the workflow but facing below error message.
An error occurred during command parsing.
(KNTA-10127) Unknown or out of sequence command:
[cd /u02/kintana/itg/bin/]


Below is the code I have embeded in execution step -

cd /u02/kintana/itg/bin/
ksc_local_exec 10

What could be the problem? any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Łukasz Czech

Re: Table component cache clear error message


I had the same problem - execution workflow with commands:
cd c:\ITG\bin
sh A

was not working for me (./ was not included - however try it in your case as you do not have ksc_connect_source_server command, remember to identify source environment in workflow step (not source)).

Alternative solution (works for me) is:
- create kRunCacheManager.bat
- include in new file following commands:
cd c:\ITG\bin
sh A
- in step source include commands:
ksc_local_exec c:\ITG\bin\kRunCacheManager.bat

You have Unix environment so .bat file will need to be replaced with shell script.

Hope it helps

Lukasz Czech

Re: Table component cache clear error message

Hi Vinod,

you must not use 'cd' without a ksc_connect_... since this is a shell command and not a ppm special command.

Looks like you are on an unix system
so try this one liner:
ksc_local_exec bash -c "cd bin; ./ 9"

The command will start a new shell in the PPM home directory, change to bin and run cache manager.

kind regards
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