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Table columns

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Table columns

Hi Eveyone,


 I am new bie in PPM. I have a requirement in which a particular column in table component be made mandatory,non editable based upon the status dependency. Is there any work around for the same as i could not find the out of the box solution.


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Re: Table columns



There is no Out of Box solution that can meet ur requirement. One way you can do that is to write a pl/sql function called through execution step to validate the required fields based on the status dependencies. Additionally you can have a read only message field that will give message to users what they are supposed to do at each status. This message can be populated by rule and/or function.






Niraj Prabhu
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Re: Table columns

Have you tried combination of Status dependecy / Field Security & using UI Rules like setFieldRequired(true) / setFieldRequired(false) / setFieldVisible(false) / setFieldVisible(true) to achieve this?

Additionally, you can use the On Page Load event Rule to verify if the fields are updated as desired. This should allow you to get what you need.
Niraj P.