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Table Component feature in PPM 9.30

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Table Component feature in PPM 9.30

Is any one working in PPM 9.30?
I would like to know about the new features the Table Component offers in PPM 9.30. I know PPM 9.22 offers the ability to sort on the columns in TC but heard that this feature is discontinued in PPM 9.30. We are not sure and couldn't confirm this.
Anyone working in PPM 9.30, could you please confirm if the SORT feature in TC exists in PPM 9.30 as well ?
Also looking for more features in TC in PPM 9.30 (if anything is new compared to PPM 9.14 other than UI changes).
PS: Attached a screenshot of the TC in PPM 9.22..looking similar or more features such in PPM 9.30.
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Re: Table Component feature in PPM 9.30

Hi Arun,


First, I can confirm with you that SORT feature in table component is available on PPM 9.30

Also, there are something changes in table component:


Ex: TABLE_COMP_USE_LEGACY parameter is removed in 9.30


For more information about what changes and what new in TB , I also attached the document "PPM9.30_DemandMgmt_User" for you, please refer on page no.49 



Hope this helps,

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Marco Trebbi
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Re: Table Component feature in PPM 9.30



if parameter TABLE_COMP_USE_LEGACY parameter is removed in 9.30, how we can manage the situation in which we must read a token from table component even if the table is empty?

Use case example:

Customer needs to have  table compent where he can insert couples name/percentage.

When saving the request, so we use a rule "on save", we must check if the total percenetage in the table component is 100% or not. If not, the rule do not allow to save the request and gives a message.

This means that the rule must pass to a JS the token that contains the sum of values in the second column of the table component.

But when the table component is empty, that occur often, the rule crashes and the request freezzes. Note that it is not possible to insert condiction to not let start the rule in such cases becouse the token is evaluated BEFORE checking the rules and so in ANY CASE, even if the rule do not have to start, it crashes. Now, if in the rule we cannot trap this case (i.e. using nvl) becouse the token do not returna value, how we can address thi requirement?



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event