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Table Component equalization

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Table Component equalization

Hey all,


Is there a easy and quick way to store the data in one table component to another new table component.

We will have 2 table component in the second one we want to store the data in the first one and it will be editable they can add more. But they want the first table to be just visbile to speacial people. So, a second table needed which is wanted to be filled with the data with the first table.


I know I can use db funcstions but is there a quicker way like rule?





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Re: Table Component equalization

Why you are using 2 table component.


You can use field level security; i.e  can give access to specific user to add/delet/edit.. rest alll just give them view only access.


PPM does not support copy of data from one TC (table component) to another TC within same request; it just support COPY of rows in same TC.


Secondly would recommend no to user DB function to update TC, as you may face cache issue i.e. updates won't be visible immediatly.

Utkarsh Mishra

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