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Table Component - V8.0 SP2

Deepak Bhattad
Regular Collector

Table Component - V8.0 SP2



I would like to know if there is way to hide the hidden fields on the table component from appearing in the table on the main request form.


For example if there is a dummy field that i have added to a table component validation type and made it hidden by using the exclamation mark in the Description field and this dummy field appears whenever I add a line item to the table compoenent and go back to the reqest form and save it. I would want to hide the dummy field  on the main form as well.


I would also like to know as to how to add HTML content to the User Instructions section on a table component validation as when I m trying to add HTML content to the user instructions the total code along with HTML tags are being displayed.




Niraj Prabhu
Frequent Visitor

Re: Table Component - V8.0 SP2



I think you are talking about two things,

1. You have a Dummy field that you want to hide from user to display, either on main form, or while making new addition into the table component.

- To do this, you need to set Enabled = No
2. If you want to have the description with the (!) mark providing display content for view purpose, then you can select Editable = No.


Let me know if you have any other question.




Niraj P.
Deepak Bhattad
Regular Collector

Re: Table Component - V8.0 SP2

None of the suggestions worked out for me as the field that is Dummy is being updated by a rule and disabling it only disables the rule. The rule was very much the reason why the dummay field was placed infirst place.


Also disbaling the editbale feature does not disable the field to appear on the main request form in the table.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event