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Table Component : Total No of entries

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Table Component : Total No of entries

Hi All,


We are updating the Table Component Entries from backend and populating all the required values into the column.

All the data are showing up as required.

But when we have 9 records in the table component then total no of entries on (right side upper) would show up as

 Show 5  of (no of entries) instead of showing up as Show 5 of (9 entries).

Is there any were we need to update to show up this data populate properly.

But when we try to enter a new record manually into the table then Show record count work perfect.


Kindly share your solution if you faced the same.


Thanks in Advance

Jason Nichols K
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Re: Table Component : Total No of entries

The request parameter holds the information you are describing.  Every field in a request has a corresponding parameter/visible_parameter column in the database (either in KCRT_REQUEST_DETAILS or KCRT_REQ_HEADER_DETAILS) to store values.  With Table Components, another table was created to hold the different columns in the TC, but there is still data stored in the request parameter columns.  The hidden value will hold the numerical only value of the row count while the visible parameter shows "XX entries".  If you are adding rows via the backend, you will also have to update these values in the appropriate request details table.  Then your display on the request and in the table display will show the correct values.

Niraj Prabhu
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Re: Table Component : Total No of entries

Additionally, if you see that the entries appear on the table component correctly from your backend procedure, you will need to clear cache related to the browser at the server level to show them in the application.

You can use command, try doing this manually and if it works, then you will need to add that into the workflow to execute each time you have a procedure call to update the table component for new entries.
Niraj P.
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Re: Table Component : Total No of entries

Hi ,


thanks for the reply,


The contents in the TC populates properly as required when we clear the CACHE, but this does not help in populating the Total No of entries in the TC.

The count remains blank even after clearing the cache.

In order to populate this value do we need to update anywhere else like some token or OOB field.




Jason Nichols K
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Re: Table Component : Total No of entries

Yes, you have to populate the value in the appropriate parameter fields in the appropriate details table.  Let's explain through an example:


You create a table component in a Request Type.  When you look at the Storage table of the field, you see that the TC is assigned to PARAMETER12.


After you have updated your table component by adding new rows, you will need to get a count of those rows. 


select COUNT(*) from KCRT_TABLE_ENTRIES into rowCount WHERE request_id = pRequestID and ..... (the rest of the code to know that you are only capturing data for this specific table);


Once you have the count, you will also need to get your visible value.


SELECT decode(rowCount, 1, '1 Entry', rowCount || ' entries') INTO visRowCount FROM dual;


need to use an update statement like