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TEST instance refresh with Producttion

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TEST instance refresh with Producttion



We are planning to refresh our test instance with Production instance. For this, we are planning to refresh database from production to TEST instance. After database refresh , do we need to follow any other steps in PPM to complete refreshing. I know we may need to run script. But not sure how to proceed and which values do we need to provide at the time of running this script.

Can anyone please help me to provide steps to refresh one instance with other.

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Re: TEST instance refresh with Producttion

Hi Shravan,

If you are planning to a DB copy from Prod to TEST then you dont need to run kConfig.  You can refer to installation and admin guide "Migrating the Database Schemas" section for detailed steps. 

Usually we do the following steps:

1. Export prod DB usually cold backup if hot backup is taken make sure it is taken at CONSISTENT Point.

2. Stop Test and drop the existing schema.

3. Import the data exported from Prod to Test

4. If you are on 9.3 or higher version then you will have to reinstall the license using

5. Before starting the application, please run kJSPCompiler and delete temp and work folder. 

6. Start the server.





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Re: TEST instance refresh with Producttion

I would add the following steps:

- Run in order to refresh instance table with the server.conf info.

- Go to Workbench, Environment, and update environment information.




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event