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Suggestion Needed: Multi-Node or Upgrade First ?

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Raj Ghimire
Outstanding Contributor.

Suggestion Needed: Multi-Node or Upgrade First ?

Greetings !

I am currenlty exploring 9.2 upgrade + QC integration  & Multi-Node setup Projects, probably within weeks of separation, for our PPM instances here.  Since I had never done a multi-node configuration myself before I wanted to see if anyone of you have any suggestion on which would be better order to do it.


Here are some details:

--- We are currenlty on PPMC 9.14.0005 on a Single Node architecture. 

--- We have extensive Demand & Deployment mgmt related customizations and are very big user of PPM's Object Migrator & Oracle Deployment Mgmt extensions .

--- Recenlty we also have inceasing global use of Project, Portfolio & Time mgmt modules.

--- Deployment probably still remains the most critical one.


So, Would the upgrade be easier on a single node ?   I would really appreciate Any kind of input I can get.


Thanks in advane !


Jim Esler
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Suggestion Needed: Multi-Node or Upgrade First ?

I have not done an upgrade to 9.2 but we have done several upgrades since we started running two nodes. I would suggest doing the upgrade first as it will be simpler with just a single node. Converting to multiple nodes will require the same amount of work whether you do it on 9.1 or 9.2. Of course, this assumes a single node will meet your needs while you prepare for the upgrade. Also, you need to fully test both changes in a non-production instance before changing production.


In 9.1, the nodes in a cluster communicate with multicast. I assume this is still the case with 9.2. Multicast support usually requires network changes so this needs to be in place before switching to a cluster configuration.

Raj Ghimire
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Suggestion Needed: Multi-Node or Upgrade First ?

Great ! Close enough to what I was thinking. You really confirmed it...Thanks a Lot for your Input Jim. I really appreciate it !!
- Raj
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Re: Suggestion Needed: Multi-Node or Upgrade First ?

Hi, Raj

So far I have about four upgrades, including cluster setup.

Just proceed and we will be here to help you.


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