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Strange Problem with Status Dependency

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Dominic Almeida
Respected Contributor.

Strange Problem with Status Dependency

Hi all,

this is very strange,

I have one step in the Project workflow causing strange behavior

here's the situation

1) I am in Planning Approval Stage (Status=Planning Review)

2) The sponsor clicks on Approve
and project (should) go to "Execution" (Status=Execution)

above is very simple, and should happen, but when the sponsor clicks on "Approve" the next page asks for a mandatory field to be filled called as "Kick-Off Presentation"

I do have a field (of type attachment) called as "Kick-Off Presentation", and in the
Request Type --> Status Dependency

Status = Planning Approval
Kick-Off Pr = Not Visible

Status = Execution
Kick-Off Pr = Visible, Editable, Required

Anybody !! Any Idea why this "Kick-Off Presentation" is prompted before the execution step, where this field is set is mandatory??

why this field doesnt let the user go to the "Execution" without being filled in the Plannign approval where it is not supposed to be visibel, and In Face is not visible unless, the sponsor clicks on Approval.

any help is much appreciated.

thanks - Dom

Jim Esler
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Strange Problem with Status Dependency

That is the way the product works. If a field is required at the status being moved to, the user will be prompted for a value. You can avoid this behavior by placing an OR step with no status value between the two steps. This isolates the two steps and the field will only be required when in the second step.
Dominic Almeida
Respected Contributor.

Re: Strange Problem with Status Dependency

Perfect !

it worked, thanks buddy