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Still upgrading from PPM 7.5 to 8.0 or higher? Then please read this!!

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Still upgrading from PPM 7.5 to 8.0 or higher? Then please read this!!

Hi all,


several customers have come across the following. You might want to be aware of this problem.


During the 8.0 upgrade from PPM 7.5, data budget user data is moved from kcst_budgets and kcst_budget_lines to fm_user_data.  The mapping for visible parameters and codes is switched.  This can be seen in the OBmigrateBudget.sql file in the 8.0 bundle. 

Snippet from OBmigrateBudget.sql for budget user data migration:

  l_sql_stmt := '
                INSERT INTO fm_user_data
                    (   user_data_id, VERSION, created_by, creation_date,
                        last_updated_by, last_update_date,
                        datum1_visible, datum1_code,
                        datum2_visible, datum2_code,
                        datum3_visible, datum3_code,
                        datum4_visible, datum4_code,
                        datum5_visible, datum5_code,
                        datum6_visible, datum6_code,
                        datum7_visible, datum7_code,
                        datum8_visible, datum8_code,
                        datum9_visible, datum9_code,
                        datum10_visible, datum10_code,
                        datum11_visible, datum11_code,
                        datum12_visible, datum12_code,
                        datum13_visible, datum13_code,
                        datum14_visible, datum14_code,
                        datum15_visible, datum15_code,
                        datum16_visible, datum16_code,
                        datum17_visible, datum17_code,
                        datum18_visible, datum18_code,
                        datum19_visible, datum19_code,
                        datum20_visible, datum20_code
                   SELECT b.user_data_id, 0, a.created_by, a.creation_date, a.last_updated_by,
                          a.user_data1, a.visible_user_data1,
                          a.user_data2, a.visible_user_data2,
                          a.user_data3, a.visible_user_data3,
                          a.user_data4, a.visible_user_data4,
                          a.user_data5, a.visible_user_data5,
                          a.user_data6, a.visible_user_data6,
                          a.user_data7, a.visible_user_data7,
                          a.user_data8, a.visible_user_data8,
                          a.user_data9, a.visible_user_data9,
                          a.user_data10, a.visible_user_data10,
                          a.user_data11, a.visible_user_data11,
                          a.user_data12, a.visible_user_data12,
                          a.user_data13, a.visible_user_data13,
                          a.user_data14, a.visible_user_data14,
                          a.user_data15, a.visible_user_data15,
                          a.user_data16, a.visible_user_data16,
                          a.user_data17, a.visible_user_data17,
                          a.user_data18, a.visible_user_data18,
                          a.user_data19, a.visible_user_data19,
                          a.user_data20, a.visible_user_data20
                     FROM kcst_budgets a INNER JOIN OB_budget_forecast_rel b
                          ON a.budget_id = b.budget_id
            EXECUTE IMMEDIATE l_sql_stmt;


Visible and code values map to corresponding fields in new table.


1) Create budget and budget line user data on a few budgets in PPM 7.5.
2) Upgrade from 7.5 to 8.0.
3) View the financial user data.

This issue has been reported for QCCR1L27314, which you can view under


Please find attached a script to fix the problem. This needs to be renamed from txt to sql.


Success with your upgrade.

Best regards,