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Status Dependencies: Required Fields

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andy mcmahon
Respected Contributor.

Status Dependencies: Required Fields

I am [relatively] new to PPM, and I am trying to configure my status dependencies correctly. Sometimes I can get it to a step in the workflow where a field is blank, and required. Other times, I get an interim step, informing that a field is required before I can advance to the next step.

My problem is, from a UX standpoint, is if folks don't see the red asterisks in a blank field, they won't know to fill it out.

Is there a good way to accomplish this goal all of the time.

As I've mentioned before, sometimes it will allow it, and other times it won't. Please let me know if you need more information!
Niraj Prabhu
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Status Dependencies: Required Fields


This is often issue with the Workflow and Request Field Status dependecy setup.

Consider following scenario, where you have Step 1 & Step 2 with Status names on each of these steps are same as Step 1 & Step respectively.

Step 1 >> Step 2 >> Step 3

When you have defined few fields required on Step 1, then since it is first step in the workflow, it will ask you fill out the fields once the request is created and when you are trying to advance the request without filling values in the required fields.

By default the required fields on any step are prompted at Entry level. Specificallyg when you are reaching the step from manual action on the workflow. If you need the fields to be defined when the request is in Step 2 then make sure that you introduce a OR step between your Step 1 and Step 2 setup. With this your request would consider OR step as a automatic advance on the workflow and would let you proceed to Step 2 before asking any field requirement.

Consider this OR Step as a Dummy and you dont need any further setup than just making it part of the workflow before the step.

Try this out and Let me know if you have any additional questions on this.

Niraj P.
andy mcmahon
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Re: Status Dependencies: Required Fields


I actually just tried that before you replied and it worked!

Let me ask you 2 things:

1. are there any repercussions or things I should consider while adding a dummy "Or" step?

2. If I'm using sub workflows, is the first step of each sub workflow considered an 'entry step'? Meaning, in workflow step 2.1 would not 'look ahead', because the master workflow is the 'look ahead' step? Correct?
andy mcmahon
Respected Contributor.

Re: Status Dependencies: Required Fields

This worked perfectly for me. The only thing I noticed is it makes your workflow look a little cluttered. :)