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Staffing profile error

Shankar Bhoi
Regular Contributor.

Staffing profile error

I am getting this error while trying to edit the staffing profile access. I am able to modify the staffing proifle details as such. It is only while editing the access tab and on saving the error is coming. We do update the staffing profile access from backend in our workflow. Is there any way to rectify the error?

Unfortunately, the Staffing Profile you are trying to save has been modified by another user and your changes can not be saved... Please reload the Staffing Profile to continue. (KRSC-100045)

Please note that in our
Mahen M
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Re: Staffing profile error

Some one had opened the same SP for editing, Wait for some time, Even at EOD if it is not cleared. Bounce the server, This warning will go away.

Mahendran M
Sachin M
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Re: Staffing profile error

Hi Shankar,

Please give your instance detials such PPM veriosn and the service pack.

Because there is similar issue with the Demand management request and that was solve in PPM7.5 SP4.
I hope what Mahandra mention is correct but if still your facing this issue go ahead and open a case with HP they will provide you some "one-off" patch or you need to install new latest service pack.