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Staffing Profile position allocated informaiton

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Staffing Profile position allocated informaiton

Hi there,


I have a position in Staffing profile and when i search for the allocation using the table "RSC_STAFF_PROFILE_ALLOC"  i get data for the position for one resource . however after adding another resource with demand and supply, i dont this the newly added resource's data. 


please let  me know the other table details where i can check for the positoin info , if the table already addressed above is not the one to look for.


Actually there is a need for obtaining Requested FTE vs the Assigned FTE for some positions, please help in order to acheive this.

Jason Nichols K
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Re: Staffing Profile position allocated informaiton

To get the connection between the Staffing Profile requested demand and the allocated resources, you need to join a couple of tables.  First, the RSC_POSITIONS will hold the actual positions defined in the SP.  The RSC_POSITION_FORECAST table breaks down the requested number of hours per position by day.  The RSC_RESOURCE_ASSIGNMENTS table ties a specific resource to a specific position.  The RSC_STAFF_PROF_ALLOCATION table then holds the hours of the assignment by day.