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Staffing Profile and Roles

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Staffing Profile and Roles



We're implementing resource management processes in PPMC and have faced two following issues:


1.       When we assign multiple resources (with different primary roles) to one and the same task, we want to differentiate their roles so in staffing profile we could compare THESE particular roles despite the only Task Role (from field "Assigned Role"). Is there any way to make such settings?


2.       We need the ability to create staffing profile based on project's work plan assignments (in terms of the roles assigned to tasks and appropriate dates).


Any advice would be appreciated!


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Re: Staffing Profile and Roles



Answer for question number 1:


No, it is not possible to assign multiple roles to a task. The "HP Resource Management User's Guide" for PPM 8, explains in the Associating Roles with Task" section on page 143 : When planning a project, tasks can be associated with a specific role prior to booking the exact resource who will complete the task. This can help produce more accurate cost estimates as well as a detailed role load view in the early stages of project plan management. This is designed to help with cost estimates before resources are assigned. Once the project progresses further and you have made some decisions about how the work will be implemented, you can add one or more resources to the task. By adding multiple resources you have further control over the plans. But at the high level, before assigning any resources, you can only select one role for the task. If you really want to assign multiple roles to the task, you could always split the task into two tasks, and assign one role to the first

Enhancement Request - QCCR1L24007 request to assign multiple roles on single task in Workplan


Answer for question number 2:


This is not possible, but what about using a workplan template and coping staffing profiles positions from an existing staffing profile, this could help you to use template for both entities instead of creating everything from scratch manually.



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