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Staffing Profile Audit Trail

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Staffing Profile Audit Trail

i have a requirement to find the time when the resource request was made in the staffing profile and when the action on resource request was taken either it be fullfiling or rejecting the request.


the information in Staffing Profile Audit trail seem relevant but I need the same info for many other staffing profiles.

Is there any table which stores the values from the staffing Profile audit trail. so I can extract the relevant information from backend. any help or allternative on the same will be appreciated.


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Erik Cole
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Re: Staffing Profile Audit Trail

Hi...table ITG_AUDIT_EVENTS contains the audit trail items. I think you can look for "position.status" in that table, and track the status changes/dates.


For position status,


0    New
1    Requestsed
2    Partial
3    Soft Booked
4    Filled