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Specifying Workflow Result Manually

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Tommy Honahan
Trusted Contributor.

Specifying Workflow Result Manually

Hi Everyone,

I want to create an object type which will set the result of an execution step based on some logic in the object type commands. Currently, I tried accomplishing this by using the ksc_set_exit_value command.

The object successfully changes the execution step result, but the execution step does not pass the result through the transition to the next step in the workflow.

For example... my object type sets the execution step result to Succeeded, and when I look at the step in the package status tab it says Succeeded as the result. But when I look at the graphical view of the package, the package line does not transition to the next step in the workflow using the Succeeded result, rather it just sits at the execution step.

If I use the override status button and set the result to Succeeded that way, the package line proceeds down the workflow as it should.

Is there another command I need after the ksc_set_exit_value command to push the package line along?

Jason Nichols K
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Specifying Workflow Result Manually


Are you using the Visible version or the Hidden version of the Succeeded transition. If memory serves, it's looking for the hidden value (SUCCESS). Also, if you are planning on having non-standard results, you need to make sure they are in the validation for the execution step.

Tommy Honahan
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Specifying Workflow Result Manually

Yesssssssss. Thank you! I had to set the value to "SUCCESS" (the validation code) rather then "Succeeded" (the validation meaning).

It works now! Thanks again.