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Sorting the table component on a request

Johannes Y
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Sorting the table component on a request

Does anyone have an idea on how to sort the table rows automatically in a table component on a request in 8.02, besides the default sequence number sorting?



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Re: Sorting the table component on a request

Hi Johannes,


as far as I'm aware, the request is currently not possible. Two ERs (related with each other) have been submitted for 9.1 release with the IDs QCCR1L39424 and QCCR1L38672. You can see both of the ERs published on SSO if you add the CR-ID to the following default link:


AS far as I can see, one has been unset from the release target, the other one was deferred. Please check those ERs and submit for the email-notification. This will inform you if and when the ER is rescoped and the submittal of the notification request also raises the 'customer base' by one count.


Sorry for not being able to help directly.

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