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Sharing a private portlet

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Sharing a private portlet



Often HP Demand users create their own portlets based on their need and put them in their Private pages folder. Occasionally admins are asked by the users to take their private portlets and share as shared or prefigured Dashboard pages. My question: How can I add this privately created portliest in a shared or Preconfigured Page?


Thank you.


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Re: Sharing a private portlet

Hi Davensky,


I'm not quite sure what type of portlets you are referring to. The example user can only use the portlet definitions that are offered to him when creating a page and adding a portlet, the portlet definitions of which are actually created by administrative users in the 'create / edit portlet definitions' menu, depending on which version you use. The user in my view shouldn't have access to custom data sources or the like, so basically my understanding is that the 'difference' in what he would like to share in respect to the portlet definition would 'only' be preferences used inside the portlet.


In any case, I don't see how to share private pages or portlets. What you can do is to create the portlet definitions in the administrative menu and then share this to all interested parties.


If you need more info, please share which kinds of portlet (definition) we are regarding.


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Re: Sharing a private portlet

Hi Dirk,


I was actually referring to Dashboards  created by users and was looking for a way to share them.

I figured out you can share pages created by individuals and you as an administrator have the possibility to import it and share it.


Administration ->  Module-> Configure Module  : right click on the folder and add a user page


Thank you Dirk for taking your time