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Share a saved search with other people

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Share a saved search with other people

In PPM it is possible to save a particular search, for example a Request search, by using the option "Save this search as" at the bottom of the screen.
But I did't find how to share such a saved search with other people.
Is it possible?
If yes, how can I do that?
I found my saved searches in the table KNTA_SAVED_SEARCHES but I think it's dangerous to manipulate data in this table...
Thank you for your answer.

Derek Giedd
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Re: Share a saved search with other people

There is not a way to copy a saved search to another user through the browser, but it can be done through a script.  See my post here: Way-to-transfer-the-managed-Saved-Searches-to-other-users for the script.

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