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Several project teams = several small or one big schedule?

Alexei Malinovs
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Several project teams = several small or one big schedule?

Dear Community,

We need to plan a 1 year long project that consist of 5 teams and rougthly 100 people in total. Each team has it's own team project manager. And Program manager is doing an overal management of those 5 teams

what is the good way to create project schedules in the PPM (Mercury 6.0)

We consider following solutions:

Solution 1:
Each team has they own independent project plan in the system. Team dependencies are managed via external tasks linkage in Mercury

- No problems with access right/simultaneous updating of project since one plan is managed by one PM.

- Synchronisation of team dependencies is not an easy task.

Solution 2:
Manage all teams in one project plan as a subprojects.

- No synchronisation issues since all plans are in the same place.

- If teams has dependencies between each other then "Schedule Project" button doesn't work if we restrict access of subproject PMs to other subprojects. So, each sub PM must have a full access to the whole big schedule to use "Schedule project" button in workbench.
- Simultaneus editiong of one big schedule by 5 people just doesn't work well in Mercury 6.0. It always complain about othe people editing the same stuff.

So, any ideas? We tend to select Solution 1. But afraid of synchronisation nightmare. Solution 2 seems better at a first glance but when all 5 people try to edit the same schedule at the same time it is just a frustraiting experience.

Any other soulutions possible?

Any help would be appreciated!