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Setting the PARENT_REQUEST_ID of a package

Tommy Honahan
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Setting the PARENT_REQUEST_ID of a package

I'm trying to use the ksc_store command to set the PARENT_REQUEST_ID field of a package. The token shows up in the token builder when I'm building the command, but when I try to set the value it says:

PKG.PARENT_REQUEST_ID="30282", "30282"
ERROR while setting token.
The token attempting to be stored is invalid. Please verify that the token name is correct. (KNTA-10234)

The reason I'm trying to do this is because I am using Jumps/Receives between the Package and Request workflow, and the only way they will work is if the Parent of the package is set - normally this value is set when the users execute the "Create PPM Package" step within the request workflow itself.

But there are some cases where we want to copy an entire package, and then manually tie the package to a request so that the user does not have to re-create the entire package.

Any ideas?