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Session gets locked when i try to Publish task to CATW

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Session gets locked when i try to Publish task to CATW

when I click on publish task to CATW  option in my Project, It will not take the request, instead browser will load indefinitely and it gets locked out.

From the next time on, when I use publish task to CATW option, it will give this error.(one or more reference in this request is being updated by another database ession KCRT-40186)

If i reload after that it says the below (some of your updates could not be saved, because they were simultaneously updated by another user.Request was last updated at DD/MM/YYYY)

Even after 5 days, previous session is not gettin expired.I have to contact the APP support team to kill the session from the back end.

Is there any way, i can cancel the prevoius session without contacting the back end team ( I have cleared the cache & temp file before restarting the app and tried different browser to execute to avoid the saved cache & temp file)

Please help me with this troubleshoot.What can i do to avoid this error in future.