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Services issue

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Services issue

Hi All,


I am experiencing an issue with the running of our Services. They are running intermittently (not on schedule).

We had an issue where all of our services just stopped - with no indication in the logs as to why.

We have 2 services nodes. One node is repeatedly showing this error message :


  • ERROR server:ClusterMonitor.HeartbeatThread:com.kintana.core.server.cluster.MulticastCommsFailureMonitor:2014/09/10-10:43:52.058 CDT: No multicast traffic has been heard from node Bkgd_Node11 on the MULTICAST_PORT port for over 3 minutes even though the node appears to be up. Please check your multicast routing, server.conf settings, and/or firewall settings.

This error is also appearing on occasion for both of our services nodes:


  • ERROR CDT: unexpected error while requesting time event


Any help is appreciated.


Version: 9.22

Windows 2008R2 Server install

2 Services nodes

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Re: Services issue



The error in the logs points at some Network multicast connection issue between your PPM Nodes. Are all PPM Nodes on the same sub-network? Has there been known Network issues on your environment?


If the issue persists despite a network monitoring not showing any problem, you should open a support case with HP in order to get R&D involved in the troubleshooting.




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Re: Services issue

Hi All,


Thanks for the information.


We found that one of our VMs moved hosts which was causing the multicast errors.

Once we moved the VM back to the original host (where all of the other VMs in our cluster were located) the issue went away and our services started running properly.


Thanks for the assistance.