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Service Manager - PPM integration (SM-->PPM)

Nagy Istvan
Occasional Contributor

Service Manager - PPM integration (SM-->PPM)

Hi All,


We would like to integrate a SM and PPM using ALM (or any other standard integration method eg. Web service)

We have PPM 9.12 and SM 9.30

The ALM document says, that we can create a PPM request from an SM change, then these are going to sync eachother.  That is fine.

BUT we have two issues ....

1. We want to do the other way : Create a SM change automatically from a PPM request and sync them. Is there any undocumented features of ALm, what we can use ? Or any other trick ?


2. Using ALM the SM could create a request in PPM and sync them. But is that possible to make sync between a SM change and a PPM request which is already has been created in PPM (so it is not created by ALM, it is already there). So is there any way to pick a PPM request at SM site and add that request ID as a parameter to the ALM to sync to/from ?


If the ALM is not able to that out od box,- even with any customization/trick,  would you please help me with any idea. Or maybe someone has already done that using new developed modules. It would be great to consult about it.


Any help would be very helpful !


Thanks a lot

    Istvan Nagy



Esteemed Contributor

Re: Service Manager - PPM integration (SM-->PPM)

Hi Nagy,


We can separate this integration to two parts:
1) to create a change record on SM: A database triger can dedect if there is a new table record about change request type. If a new change request is created, triger will trigerred and can call a SM function that can create a change record on SM.

2) to sync: Using  another database triger to dedect if there is a change in table record about change request type. If there is a change occoured, triger will trigerred and call a SM function that can change appropriate field of change record.


You can use two database triger at PPM database side and two function at SM side. On the other hand, you can use HP Connect-It. It is best integration tool. You can integrate anything with anything.


You can find some documantation about HP Connect-It.


IT Governance Professional
& PPM Solution Architect
Adam Morse
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Service Manager - PPM integration (SM-->PPM)

When integrating PPM and SM are there any version limitations or can you please provide me a document outlining which version are compatiable? 


 We are looking to integrate PPM with SM and SM is using UCMDB and DDMI to populate the UCMDB.





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