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Send notification on request Submit & Save

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Send notification on request Submit & Save



I have a table component on request page that allows adding multiple rows & each row will have a Resource Pool. Let's say the request is being created & 2 resource pools were added in the table component. On submitting the request, I want to notify the resource pool managers. I think this can be achieved by "Apply on Creation" rule.


Let's say the user comes back to the request screen and adds two new rows i.e. 2 new resource pools. On click of Save button, I want to notify resource pool managers of only the newly added resource pools. There is no change in the workflow step on click of Save. 


Can someone please help me understand how to achieve the above?



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Re: Send notification on request Submit & Save



Create a WF transition that loops back to the same step called “Send notifications”.   Teach users that instead of just clicking save to have them transition the workflow in a loop back to the same step so that kicks off another notification.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event