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Send Workplan To PPM from MS Project 2007

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Send Workplan To PPM from MS Project 2007

We have installed the Microst Project plug in for HP PPM. Install successful.
When we open the HP PPM Center in MS Project, Click the "Send Work Plan To PPM", Type the Project Manger to Search project to associate workplan to project. The project name appears and we click "SELECT".
This returns an error on the 'Errors and Warnings" dialog box.

Error reads:
"Internal Error: Internal Error Encountered
Source = ResourceMapForm.Initialize
Message = Object variable or With block variable not set(91)

Client Stack Trace:

We are not sure why this error is occuring and details are not enough info for us to make any changes.

Anyone run into this issue when trying to export a workplan into PPM using MS Project?