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Send Resource Requests - Ticked or unticked?

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Send Resource Requests - Ticked or unticked?

When sending a resource request from within the staffing profile of a project, should each line be automatically checked, or should it be unchecked?


I have referred to the 9.10 Resource Management guide which suggests that you should have to "check" each request from within that staffing profile, however our current build has all choices ticked by default.


Is this something that is out of the box, or is it something we can configure? if the later, how and where would i be able to change this?



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Re: Send Resource Requests - Ticked or unticked?

Hi Soupladel76,


Yes, when clicking the Send Request Resource butoon all lines in the staffing profile are checked by default. This is out of the box and there is not way to change the behaviour (unless you modify the code).


You can use the checkbox "Check All" to check or uncheck all lines at the same time.


Hope this helps!