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Seibel Integration feasibility

Vinod Jadhav
Regular Collector

Seibel Integration feasibility


1. Can HP PPM be integrated with Seibel?
2. Where can I get information on extensions those are available with HP PPM?
3. Can we send an attachment file through PPM notifications?

Please advice.

Vinod Jadhav
PPM Guru
Occasional Contributor

Re: Seibel Integration feasibility

1. If you use webservices you can fairly easily integrate the two systems. By using execution steps and special commands in PPM you can pretty much call any executable and pass variables.

2. Not sure what kind of extensions you are refering to here.

3. No. You need to write or use your own code here. Many people send a reference to an attachment instead of the actual file.
Vinod Jadhav
Regular Collector

Re: Seibel Integration feasibility

Thank for your inputs.

Here are questions that I have on your inputs -

1. HP Support wrote me that Seibel integration is supported with ITG 6.0 but not with PPM 7.1. Do you think it will be a good idea to implement Seibel extension without HP Support?

2. I am referring to all the possible extensions that are supported with PPM.

3. Lets say, user do not have access to PPM. So would sending him link allow him/her to open the attachment?

Appreciate your help!

Thank you,
Vinod Jadhav
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