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Security for "Reopen Request" button

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Security for "Reopen Request" button

Our customer has enabled the Reopen function for some request type. But it seems all users can see this button and then reopen the request.

Here is the urgent request from our customer to restrict the access to the "Reopen" button to specified user or security group.


Any idea?

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Re: Security for "Reopen Request" button

there is no way but you can edit jsp file. It very hard.


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Re: Security for "Reopen Request" button

The Re-open request button is currently configured at the workflow level. It becomes enabled if the following states are satisfied:

1. Request has closed or cancelled status
2. The user has privilege to edit the Request (actually PPM doesn't have a specific access grant for the reopen request option)
3. The workflow is configured to have a Re-open step

Currently the application doesn't have an option to restrict (access grant) a specific set of users to perform the reopen action. There are no access grants affecting directly on this function. More than the Edit Request access grant, so if they are able to Edit Request, they can click in the button.

There is a product Enhancement raised for it:
QCCR1L41554-- Enhancement to create a new security access grant called REOPEN REQUESTS to further control requests reopening



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