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Searching Cost Rules via Web Service

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Searching Cost Rules via Web Service


I'm trying to work on Cost Rules creation/updation via Web service

How do we search a specific cost rule? I see searchAllCostRules() code in the weservice tool_kit FM example but there is no filters provided. So I couldnt find for a specific cost rule for my calculation. how to add filters on say example: cost rules based on provided department, role etc. Need your help on this. I'm using java version of toolkit examples. 



CostRule[] searchAllCostRules() throws Exception {
FinanceServiceStub FM = new FinanceServiceStub(ctx, WSURL);
SearchCostRulesDocument searchCostRulesDoc = SearchCostRulesDocument.Factory.newInstance();
searchCostRulesDoc.addNewSearchCostRules().addNewFilter(); // empty filter finds ALL rules
SearchCostRulesResponse searchResponse = FM.searchCostRules(searchCostRulesDoc).getSearchCostRulesResponse();
return searchResponse.getCostRuleArray();