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Search on URL/Link fields

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Search on URL/Link fields

Hey folks,


I have several fields in a request that use the "Link" validation. The URL points to a request in another system we use, and the label contains the request number for that system.


It's very important that our users be able to search by that alternate request number. However, when I try to do an advanced search, none of the URL/Link fields show up!


Is there some way around this? I suppose I could create a plain text field to store it in, but that adds more fields, makes things more difficult for the user, and is more cumbersome than Sharepoint site we're migrating from.


Any thoughts?

Mahen M
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Re: Search on URL/Link fields

By default 'Display on search and filter' is disabled for Link and URL validation fields. You cannot filter on those fields, But you can include the fields in search output. In the search output you can sort the column and you can find the value in link or URL.

Mahendran M