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Scheduling tasks for the weekend.

Andre Doublesin
Occasional Advisor

Scheduling tasks for the weekend.

One of my users has the below query:

"In my workplan I want a task to complete on a Sunday but when I save the workplan it changes the date back to the previous Friday.

Howe can I schedule the task to complete on a weekend day?"

I have already tried setting the calendar to show that particular weekend as a 'workday' but that does not seem to work.

Any ideas?
Sachin M
Regular Collector

Re: Scheduling tasks for the weekend.

Hi Andre,

Please try this way,

In Project Settings -->Select the Scheduling policy --->Include all working days from calendar (ignore resource availability).
Also please do not forget to the mark the weekends as working day in the regional calender.

Hope this will help you.
In this scnerio we are changing settings of the base calender which will be applicable for all other projects as well.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event