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Schedule Vs Actual Hours Report

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Schedule Vs Actual Hours Report

So my manager just came to me and asked if there is a report that can be run to capture the schedule vs actual hours of ALL our projects.


I know you can go into the work plan for each project and pull the hours but if there a report that can be run to capture ALL projects without having to open each individual project.


PS - I am running PPM 8.03


Thanks so much in advance!!!

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Re: Schedule Vs Actual Hours Report

Hi Christine,


We don't have an OOTB report that will show that data. You can use the Time sheet details or the Work allocation report but they will not give you all the information.


You can make also your customized report to get this information, if you want.


Best regards,

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Re: Schedule Vs. Actual Hours Report

That is what I thought but wanted to confirm just in case anyone has had any luck!


Thanks for the help!!!!!!!

Niraj Prabhu
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Re: Schedule Vs. Actual Hours Report



We ended up developing one specific to our implementation needs. HP does not have such report available yet, if it is specific to one project, then you can see the task level scheduled vs actuals in the Printing View.


Let me know if this is helpful.




Niraj P.
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Re: Schedule Vs. Actual Hours Report

Can anyone provided advise on creating a customized report for getting schedule hours vs actual hours?  Is there an OOTB report that can easily be altered/tweated.


We are looking to pull schedule/actual hours from multiple projects without having to open each project work plan individually.


Is there a portal view that would should this?


Thanks so much!!!!


On a side note - I am still running 8.03.  Are there more OOTB reporting options or portal options if upgraded to 9.20???  My management will not upgrade my software and I am trying to present a case to them!!!!!  Thanks again!!!!!

Niraj Prabhu
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Re: Schedule Vs. Actual Hours Report



PPM 9.2 version has simplified user interface; and improvement to navigation. The issue of time-management of submission and approval process has seen some quick turnaround with the use of mini-application which can be accessed through mobile or tablet devices. One of the biggest change this version includes is the ability to integrate with HP Application Lifecycle Manager (ALM) which are currently not using.


I have also attached the What's New document from HP for this.


To summarize the HP PPM 9.2 - most worthy

1. Mobile - access the PPM timesheet approval system on the move via your tablet or mobile device

2. Usability – simple changes deliver an improved experience eg adding save buttons in the top of the screen

3. Agile - support both traditional and agile project methodologies


First glance at HP PPM 9.2 – what’s new?

The HP PPM software v 9.2 release focuses on seven areas:

1. Usability enhancements

2. HP Demand Management

3. HP Program Management

4. HP Document Management

5. HP Solution Integrations

6. HP Resource Management

7. Mobile Time Management


Usability Enhancements

With a fresher look and feel the HP PPM v9.2 user interface has been simplified making it much easier to use.

The Interface pages have been revamped with the following features as standard:

• The HP PPM center pages have a ribbon style toolbar

• Error tips are now available in required field sections

• A statistics section

• A ‘jump to’ quick navigation panel

• Search result pages have a modify search button


Dashboard efficiency has significantly improved with v 9.2 – an individual portlet will display if the data is available, previous versions only loaded when all dashboard data had completed.


HP Demand Management

The Request Details page has been improved and simplified. Buttons have been renamed and request details have been enhanced to include the request number and description, helping users easily distinguish between similar requests. While these are primarily usability issues they are still welcome.


HP Program Management

The Program Overview page now allows the user to export the content that they select into Excel.

New columns have also been made available which can be added to all programs they include forecast benefit, actual benefit and approved budget.


HP Document Management

The HP document management system (DMS) now offers an out of the box solution removing the need to install third-party content and index servers.


HP Solution Integrations

As promised HP PPM v9.2 release now supports integration with other HP products. This is a huge step forward for PPM software. This release gives you the option to integrate with Agile Manager - supporting the agile approach to IT development.

Solution Integrations included in v9.2 release:

• HP Quality Center/HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

• ALM integration for retrieval of project quality information and quality matrix for the View Project.

• HP Agile Manager integration for retrieval and display of status and progress of agile development projects

• Enhancements to ALM Bundle 9.20

• Centralized Integration Landing Page


HP Resource Management

The Open interface has been improved introducing a new table to store resource attributes. Resource attributes can now be loaded directly from the interface into PPM Center.


Mobile Time Management

This includes the feature of Mobile PPM Enterprise mini-application. The mini-application allows access to the PPM timesheet approval system when you’re on the move – designed specifically for use from your mobile or tablet device. Mobile access has existed before 9.2 but it’s increased in importance with the latest release.

Let me know if you have any specific questions. The documentation attached shows some of the screenshots of how new version will look.


I hope this helps you to make a better case to your management on getting upgraded sooner than later. Additionally you need to closely watch for the support end date from HP, which could be a good reason to upgrade soon and not wait until after you are out of the support window.




Niraj P.
Niraj Prabhu
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Re: Schedule Vs. Actual Hours Report

Email me at and I should be able to send you some pointers with how to build a query on Schedule Vs Actuals for your projects.

Niraj P.
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Re: Schedule Vs. Actual Hours Report

Hey Niraj - I will be emailing you as well... thank you for offering to share what you know about this!