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Schedule Project Button - problem (Mercury 6.0)

Alexei Malinovs
Respected Contributor.

Schedule Project Button - problem (Mercury 6.0)

Imagine the situation:
1. Task is starting in the past and ends in the future. Task is 50% complete. Task has no constraints. Task is in Ready state.
2. press "Schedule Project" button
3. specify scheduling date today (or beging of the task - end result is the same)

Expected behaviour:
Completed part of the task will remain in the past and uncompleted part will go to future.

Real behaviour:
The whole task is moved after the current date - even completed part of it. Basically, whenever I press Schedule Project button all partially completed tasks just move to future. and I do not want this. I want only incompleted part of tasks to move to future.

What is the logic behind "Schedule Project" button?
What is the correct way to use it?
How to cope with incompleted tasks like expolained above?

It looks like the only solution is start splitting tasks manually into 2 tasks - one completed to remain in past and one incomleted to be moved to future. But this is ??? ridiculous? It will generate enormous ammount of tasks that are , actually , one task but I need to split it every time before I press Schedule project button.