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SP got an error when there is an update

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SP got an error when there is an update

Hey all,


When we try to update the header of a SP, it gave an error like following



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Re: SP got an error when there is an update

Hi Sevcan,


What is yout current PPM version?


There are several reasons for this problem. Please check the following workarounds:


1. This can be casue for projects with very similar names. Change the name of one of the projects that starts with the similar name of the other project.

2. The problem can be related with the project financial summary ID and summary name for the project in the staffing profile. By finding the summary id from the DB and populating it on the project, this issue is fixed.


3. This is also cause by this steps:

1. I opened a Project whose status was Complete
2. I opened its Staffing Profile, its status too was Complete
3. I changed the Staffing Profile status to Active and saved it
4. Then I made some changes to the Staffing Profile
5. Now I changed the Staffing Profile Status bask to Complete
6. When I clicked Done, I got a pop-up box which read 'Project has an invalid input or the input has more than one match.'

If you want to do this, please try following workaround:

1. Click "project details" tab.
2. Click "Reopen request" button and the status of this project will be changed.
3. Change SP's status to "complete".
4. Close the project.

The root cause of this incident is: The autocomplete tab on SP page only lists projects which are not completed.

There is a defect logged for this problem: QCCR1L25367 Project has an invalid input or the input has more than one match


This issue are resolved in 9.14.0005 (latest version and service pack).


If the problem persists I would recommend contacting PPM support so they can analyze the specific scenario and provide the proper fix.


Hope this helps!