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SM7-UCMDB integration

Miguel Calderon
Super Collector

SM7-UCMDB integration

Hello everybody
In this moment I´m trying to integrate SM 7.10 with UCMDB 7.54, I have my own test environment where I have installed the products I mentioned before and I follow up all the step that the hp manual suggest to do this integration and this works fine, but the problem is when I try to do the same thing I an production environment because when I execute the replication jobs I always get the next messages error:
java.lang.RuntimeException: XPathFactory#newInstance() failed to create an XPathFactory for the default object model: with the XPathFactoryConfigurationException: javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactoryConfigurationException: No XPathFctory implementation found for the object model:
at javax.xml.xpath.XPathFactory.newInstance(Unknown Source)
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.MappingFactory.(
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.push.SmPusher.(
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.ServiceDeskAdapter.getPusher(
at com.mercury.topaz.fcmdb.adapters.serviceDeskAdapter.ServiceDeskAdapter.updateData(
... 39 more
and the only different between my test environment and my production is that the second one UCMDB is embedded on BAC 7.54
any idea for me.
Thanks in advanced

Honored Contributor

Re: SM7-UCMDB integration

Hi Miguel,

Not sure if you've solved your issue, but the at the time HP only support the uCMDB to SM integration with an external uCMDB.

This might have changed by now.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event