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SCP Error: Transfer Failed

Greg Sliva
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SCP Error: Transfer Failed

When using the Seeded special Command ksc_copy_server_server and when source and destination are set to both use SCP2, the scp fails with Error: Transfer Failed. If I use FTP it works fine. It only fails with SCP. I know other folks have had this problem and I have read some old posts from 2009 but it did not provide an answer. Does anyone have any insight on how to resolve this?



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Re: SCP Error: Transfer Failed


Could you please check if the required configuration items are set in the profile?

In all source and destination environments the following configuration items need to be set in your $HOME/.bash_profile or $HOME/.profile (UNIX) or cygwin/etc/profile (Cygwin on Microsoft Windows) to avoid SCP transfer failures:

export PS1='$ '
export TERM=dumb
stty cols 999

The "PS1" setting will avoid the possibly having an issue of exceeding command line length restrictions
The "stty cols 999" will avoid the appearance of an exact command length failure
The "TERM" type must be one of the supported types dumb, vt100, or vt220

If those configurations are already set please attach the complete execution log in HTML format for our review.

Erik Cole
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Re: SCP Error: Transfer Failed

Hi Greg,


I've had the items that Dayana mentioned bite me before. Also, you can find that the first time you scp between servers you get a prompt to the effect of "do you accept this server key" or something like that. Since PPM isn't expecting to be interactive, it just times out while waiting for the connection. If you log on to the source server and manually open an scp connection to that destination server, you'll see if this is the case. Once you answer "yes" to that prompt, everything is fine from then on.