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Running querys on PPM Commands

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Running querys on PPM Commands

Hi Everyone,


There is a way I can get more than one column at a time to update  request using PPM Commands, I know the other way aorund could be calling a SP to update what I want and run the cahce manager but I would lke to know if there is a chance.


In my case is a workflow that calculates and build the html for massive mailing, the request goes record by record and update the fields of that row in the request and the send the notification. It loop and update the request until it finished, but sometimes when recovering and saving the fields seems that dont update correctly and use older values in the request to send the mail to the wrong people.


ksc_itg_run_sql QUERY_STRING="select emr.BODY2, row_number() over(order by EMR.RESPONSABLE) orden from DSI_ENVIO_MASIVO_X_RESPONSABLE emr where EMR.TO_EMAIL=100408"
ksc_store BODY2="[SQL_OUTPUT]","[SQL_OUTPUT]"