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Run rule only once

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Run rule only once



Please I need help with a ruler, I have a rule that runs whenever the field changes, the rule need only be run once.



Jim Esler
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Re: Run rule only once

Set up a hidden field on the request called something like Rule has run? with a Yes/No dropdown. Set the default value to No. Add a condition to your rule for this new field to have a value of No. Add this new field to the results list and add values to the SQL to set the hidden and visible values of this new field to Yes ( or Y or YES, depending on the values defined in the dropdown).

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Re: Run rule only once



If you want the rule to run only once based on some default value in the field, then you can configure it as "Apply at Creation"..


If you need to run the rule only once when field is changed manually by the user then I dont think this could run only once. it'd always run whenever the field changes.



Mohit Agrawal

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Re: Run rule only once

In your SQL part of the rule, put the DECODE condition like


If field (result) values is null then change the value, else do not update.


Using decode you can achive this.

Utkarsh Mishra

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//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event