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Rule Dependency for Radio Button fields

Raj Ghimire
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Rule Dependency for Radio Button fields

Hello everyone.

We are currently on 7.5 sp7. 

I usually try to aviod using Radio buttons in these kinds of shcenarios since they don't seem to be available in Request Rule dependencies but I don't seem to have choice here for various reasons. I have like 12 radio button fields on a request and we wanted to make sure people at least select 1 of them as Yes before they can submit the Request. This would have worked wonderfully with UI rules for other fields but I am not sure if its possible for radio button fields. Can anyone please suggest me some technique/workaround that I could use in the Request. I am currently using an execution step to check and then route back the request to the submitter. But it would have been great if i could pop up a message or something. Any suggetion is appreciated.



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Re: Rule Dependency for Radio Button fields

Hi Raj,


I have to tell you that this is a known product limitation and there is already an enhancement request logged for it:

ENHANCEMENT# 206503 - 'Radio Button' is not available as a dependency in request rules

This is currently not documented but RnD have created a documentation a while ago for it: QCCR1L26328.
You can track its progress on the following link:

I don't have a possible solution for you, thus I hope someone will be able to point you to a workaround to assist in your issue.


Have a great day and week.

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Re: Rule Dependency for Radio Button fields

Hi Raj,


The workaround for your implementation would be to insert a seperate Java script function in the request. It can be done as:


  1. Create a hidden Text-area field
  2. In the workflow, prior to the your action step; create an execution step which will insert the Java script function for validating your request i.e. atleast one Radio Button must be selected
  3. Exact java-script example can be found at
  4. Update the hidden text-area field like (in actual you can insert your desired java-script function/code)

         update kcrt_request_details

         set parameter15 = '<!--HTML--><script type="text/javascript"> alert("This is my first    JavaScript!");</script>',

      visible_parameter15 = '<!--HTML--><script type="text/javascript"> alert("This is my first JavaScript!");</script>'

      where request_id = req_id;

  5. Finally clear this Java-script content in the next execution step.

Hope this work around helps...


Utkarsh Mishra

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Re: Rule Dependency for Radio Button fields



you should be aware that such code is no longer permitted starting with PPM 9 :)




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Raj Ghimire
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Re: Rule Dependency for Radio Button fields

Dirk, Utkarsh & Alex - Thank you all for your suggestions !

Thanks for the enahacnement Req # Dirk. Glad to know it is atleast being considered. Severity is listed as Serious so hopefully we will get something soon :-)

Utakrsh's idea looks great here but We have already started preparing for 9.1 upgrade so with the info Alex provided I might have to be satisfied with the check and re-route that we are using now :-(
I might try that java script suggestion after I upgrade my DEV to 9.1 to see if there is anything we can do to make that work.

Thansk Again  Everyone !