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Restoring project plan lines

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Heather Sprutte
Regular Contributor.

Restoring project plan lines

I have a project manager who created a project plan for server rollover support for 2008. Another user went into the project plan to assign resources and inadvertently deleted about 12 lines of the project plan, saved it and then realized what he did. Is there an easy way to restore this or will I need to go through backups?

Darshan Bavisi
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Restoring project plan lines

Project plans or lines once deleted are forever. So they cannot be rolled-back/restored.

If you restore back your whole backup, then it will restore the whole application losing all the changes made by all other users as well, but will bring back the lost project plan lines.

Two other options are,

1. If the PM knows the original lines then put them back and remove the changes done by other user.

2. If this highly critical for any reason, then you may create a new instance using the backups (and change the port nos., database, etc.) and then look into what the project plan lines were. Then add those lines manually into the actual application where the mess happened or export it to MSP from the backup application, and then import into the actual application from MSP. But this effort is big for may be a small thing and make take upto a whole day's work.