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Resource rate/dollars not showing up in tm_actuals table


Resource rate/dollars not showing up in tm_actuals table

Hello All,
We are noticing sporadic issues with resource dollars not being calculated and populated on the TM_ACTUALS table. There are 2 users for whom the issue was seen recently. Though rates and actual effort values are recorded on the PPMC tables, the actual dollars is zeroes.
The timesheets were in unsubmitted status and the initial thought was timesheets need to be submitted for the actual dollars to be calculated. However, this was not necessarily true; the actual dollars have been populated in many other instances where timesheets were in unsubmitted status.
The cost rule update service is set to run every 3600 seconds but the value still does not reflect in this table.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


We are pulling out timesheet actual efforts for project tasks and the actual resource cost from the tm_actuals table.
Following are the columns that we are referring to from tm_actuals to show up as acActual Dollars in our report:
We are picking the row in tm_actuals where total_flag ='N' for each timesheet line id (there are two rows in this table for each timesheet line id).
However, the report that comes out with the following key data:
Resource name
Project name
Task name
Timesheet id
Timesheet line id
Actual effort (picked from timesheet line entry)
Actual Dollars (picked from tm_actuals)
Timesheet status
has many columns where Actual Dollars is ZERO for the same resource and for the same task.
What we would like to understand is how and when these columns in tm_actuals are updated so that we can ensure the data is reflected in the table when we are running the extract.
Any help would be appreciated as this is a critical issue that we are trying to fix for the Finance Team's reports out of PPMC.
Vadi Kulkarni
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Re: Resource rate/dollars not showing up in tm_actuals table

Hi Vadiraj,


There is a case already opened for this with PPMC-support and has an incident with RnD in work. I guess that's your case?


Please indicate.


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Re: Resource rate/dollars not showing up in tm_actuals table

Hi Dirk,


True, we now have a HP case open and is being currently being reviewed by R&D. Sorry about the delay from my side. I did not login to this forum for a while.