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Resource leveling (Mercury 6.0) - any good practises?

Alexei Malinovs
Respected Contributor.

Resource leveling (Mercury 6.0) - any good practises?

Dear Everyone,

Do you have any good practices how to avoid over allocation of resources in Project Plans (Schedules)?

In MS Project standard way to do this is "Automatic Resource Leveling". Unfortunately, Mercury 6.0 doesn't support it. I have at least 2 possible solutions that I do not like.

Solution 1: Link tasks assigned to one person one after another even if those are independent tasks. This approach is very bad when you reassign tasks form one person to another one and also doesn't solve the problem when one person is shared between several projects. Linking of not related tasks is an evil :(

Solution 2: Use constraints on tasks so that you spread tasks so that resource is not over allocated. This is very unreliable way since you need to change all constraints immediately if something changed in the project like task duration etc.

Any other good solution for Mercury? May be you use successfully one of the above mentioned?

Thank you in advance for you support!