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Resource and Time Managment Admin Time and PMOs

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Resource and Time Managment Admin Time and PMOs

1) Resource/Time Mgt - Admin or overhead time.

- how could execs/managers allocate time across multiple projects w/o charging each individual project i.e. running a PMO.  Set up a dummy project?

Example: PMO manager needs to allocate time to all projects under his control as part of the PMO/program.  Charging each individual project would be unwieldy.  As one can not charge to a program, how can members of a program, exec, or op support charge and allocate their time.  Set up a dummy project for such?  Other alternatives.


- how to forecast/budget ADMIN time less than 8 hours/day.  Calendar does not allow this..

Example: How can I allocate a half of a day for future training? Calendar does NOT support this? 

- How to use Calendar, Work Allocations, Misc (Time Mgt) and Managed Participation Resource Pool  functionality without overlap (double dipping on capacity); Will using Work Allocation, Misc Type decrement capacity?

Example: I've used calendar to allocate a full day of training which decrements my capacity by one working day.  I also use Work Allocation, Misc Type (Time Management) to allocate a day of future training.  Will my capacity be decremented twice for the same training?


2) General info about using PPMC to run PMO, Program/Project Management Office.


 Looking for a white or point paper on such.  I have access to user/config manuals.  This isn't a technical issue.