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Resource allocation from a resource pool

Deepak Bhattad
Super Contributor.

Resource allocation from a resource pool


We have a requirement wherein we would need to move resources from one resource pool to another and ensure that the resource manager of the earlier resource pool is not able to assign the resource going forward.

For example Resource A is in Pool X as of today (Jan 2011) and I move him to Pool Y effective Feb 2011. (by using the "EFFECTIVE DATE" functionality)

If a request is placed for a particular role which matches the role of A and the allocation needs to be made for Feb 2011 I can still make this allocation though logically the resource A is not in my pool effective Feb 2011. Ideally I should not be able to allocate the resource from Feb 2011 but I m able to.

Is there anything that I m missing here or is it that the tool is built that way.

Help is greatly appreciated.