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Resource alerts

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Khanh La
Occasional Advisor

Resource alerts

When adding resources to projects, resources do not get notified when assigned .. Only the manager of the resource pool receive all the notifications.

Is there something in the setup in PPM that I need to configure? please help ..

Sascha Mohr
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Resource alerts

You can activate notifications on a per task base. Go into the task details and find the notifications tab, there are several rules you can activate for notifications.
All notifications are disabled by default unless you used a workplan template where this has already been preset.
Khanh La
Occasional Advisor

Re: Resource alerts

Thanks Sascha. Your helps are great.

Do you know any ways at all how to modify the email contents? I want to add more information to the email body.

Thanks again.

Sample below by PPM default email:

Position Name: Analyst Programmer
Role: Analyst Programmer
Status: Requested
Response Needed By: 6/10/2010
Start Date: 1/07/2010
End Date: 20/08/2010
Unmet Demand (Hours): 8
Staffing Profile: khanh SP-Analyst Programmer
Sascha Mohr
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Resource alerts

As far as I know they are not editable and you cannot create additional templates for task events.
You could try to change the existing template directly in the database (should be knta_notif_type_messages), but I would not recommend that.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event