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Resource Role Assignment History

Scott A Wood
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Resource Role Assignment History

Does PPM track the history of different roles assigned to a resource?  One of our users is trying to find out if the role was changed on some of thier resources.  I know there is the "last updated date", but we are looking for something more meaningful.  We are using PPM 7.5 SP5.





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Re: Resource Role Assignment History

Hi Scott,


the table RSC_RESOURCES doesn't only provide the table last_update_date but also last_updated_by. Thus, when a resource is modified, then this is logged to this table. Together with the user_id as well as the primary_role_id it should be identifyable when and by whom the primary role of the user was changed from what to what - merge with some information from the RSC_RESOURCE_ROLES and you should be able to extract the information that you need.

I currently don't believe that there is any 'history' line available for the resource modification although I DO believe I have seen a change request to send notificaitons on resource modifications to the manager of the resource that was modified as of late.


Hope this helps.

Best regards,



PS Attached the data model guide for reference

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Re: Resource Role Assignment History

Hi Scott,


Is your customer using any BI tool ? A lots of BI tools (like SAP BW, IBM Cognos etc) has a ability to store data with historicaly. This ability could clearly help you.


If your customer dosn't use any BI tool, you could develop a triger to track changes on resource table only abour role field. It could write down changes with historical data to a custom table.


If you have a issue and you are looking for to find ald resource's role data you have a chance. Your customer most likely backups their PPM database. So customer db specialist could find your lost resource's role data.


And finally :manhappy: you have another chance too that oracle has log files. Again your customer db specialist could find your lost data.





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