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Resource Planning scenario

Manas Bagde
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Resource Planning scenario


Need help on resource planning.

Following is the scenario.. Please help...

Combining Staffing Profiles with Tasks Assignment / Affect of Time Reporting

Need to understand how PPM Resource Management combines Staffing Profiles with the Resource's current assignments on the Work Plan. Also need to understand how time reporting affects resource availability as shown in the following scenario:

• A resource is included on two staffing profiles - he is scheduled to work on Project A in April and on Project B in May.
• The Project manager of Project A assigns the resource to two tasks on the work plan - 70 hours on Task A1 and 70 hours on Task A2.
• On the time reporting screen, the resource indicates that the Task A2 will take longer than estimated. The estimated remaining effort is now 140 hours and the estimated finish date is now May 31.
• How will this be reflected in the resource's availability? Will PPM alert the resource, the two project managers and the resource manager that the resource is over allocated? Do exception reports need to be developed to report this type of resource conflict?

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Re: Resource Planning scenario

Hi Manas,

I will try to answer your question as far as I understood:

Lets have a look PPM work load terminilogies:
Staffing Profile(SP) is showing us "forecast",
What time resource manager assign a resource to resource request in SP is "Allocation",
Work Plan(WP) is showing us "schedules",
Time Sheet(TS) is showing us "actuals".
Also "planning" data comes from SP or WP depend on your project settings (Cost&Effort>Work Load).

Lets have a look SP-WP Comperision reports:
1) "Project>Work Plan>Actions>Resource Usage": What times Project Manager(PM) request the resoures and what times he/she used them in work plan realy compression.

2) "Project>Staffing Profile>Compare to Work Plan": Forecast-Allocation-Schedule-Actual comparision resource by resource or role by role.

3) "Open>Resource Management>Analyze Resources>Search Resource Availability": Is my resources overload in specific period. Show work breakdown about work load resource by resource.

4) "Resource Pool>View Resource Load" same as (3) but different visiuals and no parameters(static report)

5) "Resource Pool>Data Export>Analyze Assignment Load" same as (3) but export only excel

As Project Manager If you want to see SP-WP (forecast-schedule-actual) comparision, lets look at repor #1 and #2

As Resource Manager If you want to see SP-WP (forecast-schedule-actual) comparision too, lets look at repor #3, #4 and #5

In Addition to them there is no notification available to notify in planning/schedule change or overload.

And there is no need to develop resource report because of That thers are above reports (#1,2,3,4,5)

OK ?


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