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Resource Management process

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Resource Management process

Hello friends,


We are facing some challenges with our Resource Management process.


Resource coordinator (RC) meets other Resource managers weekly and evaluates the prioritized list of projects for resource allocation.
He/she then starts assigning resource to project's staffing profile.


Multi step process for PMs:
1. Create staffing profile
2. Add positions
3. Send resource requests

In resource commitee meeting, RC has to open each project check for resource availability and assign resources.

Expected solution:
One page view where RC sees all prioritized projects resource demand and assigns resources as per availability.
Minimum clicks


I was wondering if Forecast planning feature of 9.x would be good fit.

Has any one used this feature?


Any other solution ideas are also welcomed.


Thank you!

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Re: Resource Management process

forecast planning doesn't allow you to change resource allocation. It's just report it and just for only one resource pool.

I think you can use Manage Allocation ability or Portfolio Management module.


  • Portfolio Management is require expensive licence. You can not only arrange resource allocation but also arrange project start time (priority). You can see big picture for resource capacity and financial perspective. You can use What If scenarios, there are three scenerio, you can select your project depend on these scenarios. You can manage resources via drill down from scenario, project to staffing profile. You can only see role based capacity not rasource pool based capacity. Remaining capacity is calculated by multiple resource pools.
  • Manage Allocation can show you resource capacity/used/remaining by project based and total but for only one resource pool. You can access it from menu by Open/Resource Management/Resources/Manage Allocation. Please find enclosed screenshot. You can change allocation depand on capacity/remaining effor. After your study, project managers can change their resource requests to dismiss unmeet requests.

If you use Portfolio Management you can arrange two parameters; project timing(prioritization), resource management.

If you use Manage Allocation you can arrange one parameter; resource management.


If you use Portfolio Management, all planned efforts calculated by multiple resource pools and role by role 

If you use Manage Allocation, all planned efforts calculated by a resource pools and resource by resource


If you use Portfolio Management, you can change staffing profile on project screen not on portfolio screen.

If you use Manage Allocation, you can change resource allocation (not staffing profile) on same screen & simultaneously. Then if you want/not required, project managers can change their resource request depend on your resource allocation.



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